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October 16, 2013

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As I reflect on the amazing 2013 wedding season (a few more to go, but for the most part complete) totaling 52 weddings, I am at a point of needing to make a modification to the business and focus on driving the business in the direction of my future plans and dreams. I feel that by sharing my goals, I will encourage others to do the same…. holds us more accountable, right?!

In nineteen days, we had twelve weddings. The busiest bunch of weeks of the year for us.  As I came up for air on Sunday, I realized that I need to make big changes so this ‘spreading thin’ thing doesn’t happen again next year. This year, business exploded so fast, I didn’t have a chance to really set a limit and modify pricing to meet the supply and demand factor. By the time it hit 52, I hit the brakes and didn’t allow any more bookings.

I am so very thankful that my little flower business has become the wedding design business it is today from what started as a general everyday ‘flower shop’. I’m also thankful that I have become immersed in the interesting lives of so many amazing and beautiful couples. Relationships are great for the soul!

Again, I am very grateful for the huge increase in business, but it’s getting a little choatic for quality…

I have come to a conclusion as to how to position the business to BECOME that. When you set a goal, you also lay out the path that you believe you should take to get there. As I battled with depression as a teen, the way I realized how to be positive about the future was to set goals for myself, and take the necessary steps in order to get there. Using that methodology, below is my list of goals.

1. DESIGN ELSEWHERE: particularly Richmond, Charlottesville, Charleston and Disney World (I can dream, right? … well we have done two weddings there, but I want to legit REGULARLY do weddings there so I can have a reason to go to WDW all the time). This means, I will have to figure out the logistics of designing ON LOCATION.

2. BLOG / WRITE TO INSPIRE: This may seem silly, but I want to make connections with people far and wide. I want to post twice per week, shouldn’t be a problem, right?! (I know you bloggers out there are laughing, because everyone battles with this!). I’ve been so busy with the overwhelming amount of weddings, that I haven’t had time to actually sit and do posts. I always have advice, thoughts and quotes I want to share with the world, and mainly blog posts about the weddings we’ve done and posting inspiration…. and I need to start doing it. I have a story to tell, and I just need to find the time to share it!

3. LIMIT BOOKINGS: Instead of 55 weddings, I’d like to maybe just do 30 max. I have raised our minimum order requirement to really help us not only to be better able to design for our clients and remain a small business, but to be better equipped to really give my all.…. otherwise if I continue to do this many weddings, we will sacrifice the quality of our design and attention. This also benefits #2.

4. RE-BRAND / REPOSITION THE BUSINESS: There’s going to be a new internet home for ‘Anthomanic’, and be prepared it may not be called Anthomanic anymore (yes, I might go ahead and shed a tear). I feel that my website and branding is not a perfect representation of ME and my business. While it is cute, and does the job, it was made on a very small budget with very little time. I have found the most amazing website designer/artist/person-that-can-translate-my-soul-into-digital-form, that I am now able to afford to invest in. The amazing Jennifer Olmstead of Deleted Space Creative. For anyone that knows her, you are aware that her designs are completely custom to the person/business she designs for and are exploding with personality — PERFECT FIT. This baby should arrive in the next few months. Be prepared to enter my crazy mind, me hearties!

This may not seem like a big list to some, but I really think these things will help position me for future growth and will each be challenging tasks, so to stay focused I need to stick to this main list.

peace, love & flowers,


  1. kat says:

    I’m SO excited for you :) Dream big, girl!!! I know you can do it!!

  2. Sounds like a plan!!! I will definitely be following you on your journey and be a bit inspired myself!!

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