A Disney Christmas

December 26, 2014

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Earlier this month, Robby, Bane and I took a trip with my family to Walt Disney World (aka Mecca) and Key West, Florida! My mom, dad, little sister (the one who just recently got engaged/proposed to during a styled shoot – see that here!), and her new fiance, in my parents RV! This was Bane’s first trip – and it was both exciting and exhausting! I haven’t had a vacation since our October 2013 trip to Disney – when I found out I was pregnant. So, since being hidden away during my favorite season with a newborn, barely getting any sunlight while resting and recovering from labor/etc., a vacation was long overdue!

First, a few shots from our impromptu session with Melissa Arlena  we did at Thanksgiving! Oddly enough, her in laws live right across this same lake down in South Carolina, just north of Charleston in Moncks Corner.

2014-12-26_00172014-12-26_0015Bane posed like the ham that he is for Melissa! She was his newborn photographer – so I think it had something to do with that!! :)


Now we’re moving on to the trip photos from my iPhone…please excuse my lacking photography skills… I’m an iPhoneographer… HAH!

Then, early December it was time for Bane’s first Disney trip!… “bags are packed, mom!!”


picked up this adorable custom ornament for Bane as a keepsake! I’m hoping to have a Disney Christmas ornament tradition! 2014-12-26_0013

One of each please! The Art of Disney in Downtown Disney  has gorgeous original artwork by various Disney artists

Then, a stop at T-Rex Cafe for some yummy lunch – watch out for meteor showers!! If you’ve never been, there’s a meteor shower every twenty minutes, and the Dinosaurs come to life! This blue room also turns red


My dad – otherwise known as G-Pop – being silly with Bane!I know these are terrible quality, but it was such a sweet moment, I had to share! While we were in line to meet Mickey, Bane was whiny and fussy because it was near bed time, but as soon as he saw him, he started laughing!! I think he must recognize him ;-)2014-12-26_0018He kept going for Mickey’s nose! 2014-12-26_0020Disney World stores carry merchandise that can’t be found anywhere else – so sometimes I go a little overboard! It’s my guilty pleasure, for sure!2014-12-26_0008The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Check out that Nemo shirt!! 2014-12-26_0032

At Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground it’s mainly campsites for RV’s, with some tent sites and cabins as well. When we were growing up, we stayed in an RV there – which was always so fun! But, these people don’t really ‘rough it’. It’s more like ‘glam-ping’! Because the resort is so large, there is also an internal bus system for people to get around (of course people do ride bikes, walk, etc.), but one main mode of transportation are golf carts, which guests dress up for the holidays! Ours was decorated by my momma, but some people really pull out all the stops – including inflatable figures and music! I wish I had taken photos, because it really is amazing! They even have a golf cart parade!2014-12-26_0009

When we got married, we stayed at the Polynesian, and it really changed our hotel preference for future Disney stays! Next year, we’re going with my sisters’ and their families and staying at Polynesian!! WAHOO!

We strolled over to the Grand Floridian from Polynesian, and it’s such a beautiful path!


The Wedding Pavilion! Our friends, Rebecca & Michael were married here!


The Grand Floridian on the left and the Polynesian Village Resort on the right!2014-12-26_00222014-12-26_0002This is the best shot of the 16′ Gingerbread House I got, that didn’t have 10972 people standing in front of it! 2014-12-25_0006

The Pioneer Hall building at our Campground – this is where we saw the Hoop Dee Doo Revue! Then the next morning went to Crockett’s Tavern and had the yummiest breakfast – including Mickey Waffles! Those waffles are amazing! How cute is the theme here?! This resort is adorable, full of carriage rides, and Cast Members saying ‘Howdy’ to guests…I just love the theme!2014-12-25_00052014-12-26_00312014-12-25_0002

Then after just a few days in Disney, it was time to head down to the Keys! … this is what the Everglades looks like in case you’re wondering! A whole bunch of….this…


Then, once we got settled in our new digs, we headed down to Key West to do the typical tourist thing – including the Southernmost Point Obligatory Photo! The view across the water at the private island where Oprah used to have a home – BUTHOWDOYOUGETYOURGROCERIESHOME!?

2014-12-25_0003Our first time swimming!! He even went under! … don’t worry, all swimming safety precautions were taken :)2014-12-26_0030Our gorgeous waterfront campsite at the Bluewater Key Resort2014-12-26_00372014-12-26_00412014-12-26_0035

The sunrise….ahhh…good thing Bane wakes us up at the crack of dawn to be able to catch this! 2014-12-26_00342014-12-26_00332014-12-26_0005

Hey Look! It’s me!


If you’re in Key West and don’t have a baby/child in tow, this is the place to be if you want to let your hair down! But, we were nerdy and had to head home when the sun went down. That place is wild! Pictured left – a performer on Mallory Square, right – near Duvall Street.2014-12-25_0004A real life pirate ship … lookalike… :D2014-12-26_0012

This is the oldest bar in Florida! yeeehaw y’all!

When it was time to head home to Virginia, we stopped in Bahia Honda, a GORGEOUS state park off Rte 1. I think we should have just stayed there the entire time! It was empty and hot, perfect!2014-12-25_0001We dipped our feet in the ocean for the very first time!


…I mean, really… How amazing is this? It’s in the U.S. too!! You definitely don’t have to get your passport out to see such gorgeous water!2014-12-26_0006

Moms: Our stroller is the Summit from Baby Jogger… and let me tell you how amazing it does in the sand!! WOW! … and it reclines for a place to let baby sleep comfortably on the go!


  1. Linda Thomas says:

    Thanks for giving me a pre-disney trip fix. Terrific way to end the year.

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Dolor mixtape food truck Austin, assumenda Odd Future Carles ani Echo Park cillum.


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