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Bane’s Penicillin Allergy Saga & Update

February 19, 2016

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If you’ve been following me on social media (mainly Facebook and Bane’s Instagram is where I’ve posted images of his rash and the whole allergy saga). I wanted to share a full update for both those interested in what happened and how it’s going, but in case you have a toddler and notice something like this.

*Warning: If you are squeamish about rashes, do not scroll down! This did not cause him any itching if that makes you feel better ;) *

This whole ordeal really started about four weeks ago when Bane started a cold. It progressed into a very bad cough, chest congestion and runny nose that lasted for three weeks. I had taken him once in the beginning just to confirm all he needed was some antihistamine to dry up his passages. Finally, almost two weeks ago, I took him in for some antibiotics in case it was bacterial. The doctor gave him amoxicillin, but said it might not help if it was viral. So, we started the antibiotics and were on it for a week. Bane started developing a fever, then it got to be a very high fever and spiked up to 103.9. Now, keep in mind, I’ve taken Bane to the hospital one time when he spiked a fever and had a bad cough and they basically treated the poor child like a lab rat — giving him a CATHETER (Which they DID not tell me it would go up his penis — OUCH), strapped him into a plastic apparatus for an x-ray and did some other uncomfortable (and in hindsight and from talking to his pediatrician) unnecessary testing. He had night terrors for a week after that. SO, I am now the type that understands that a fever is a GOOD thing and I try to only go to the urgent care if it really truly concerns me about his breathing, or rises above 104 and can’t be controlled with Tylenol. So, I monitored him closely, had him in the bed with me. Then, suddenly after having the fever for a few days, last Sunday I noticed this… (I’ve actually enhanced the contrast so you can see the VERY faint spots that were almost invisible to the naked eye… but not the MOMMY EYE!) ;) Looks pretty harmless, right? So, I just kept an eye on it. Then, into the evening it started looking like this… Which is when I headed to the urgent care the next morning — I just arrived when they opened at 9. Here’s us in the doctor’s office! Making a balloon with a glove was about the only thing that kept him from being to restless! Bane is a ‘spirited’ child, so even with this icky illness, he was still ready to party.

Despite how icky it looks, I have not yet seen him scratch at it! Which is AMAZING.   The lady that saw him wasn’t his normal pediatrician, but she brought him in the room to check and they both said that based on timeline, symptoms (only fever and rash), and appearance of the rash (the above images were from that doctor visit) was either a penicillin allergy, or it was just one of those odd rashes that show up after a few days of a high fever and they call it a viral rash (I think he may have been referring to Roseola). He said toddlers/kids get these random rashes. When we were there his fever was actually non existent, which is why they were leaning towards the latter. They said to continue Benadryl and call them if anything changed. They also said that he SHOULD NOT spike another fever if it was a viral rash. So, home we went! Then, into the night, it got MUCH MUCH worse :( His whole body was almost entirely covered!

At this point I was full on momma bear! I’m sure your momma instincts are kicking in right now too, right? “GET THAT CHILD TO THE HOSPITAL, AMANDA!” I was ready to just get in the car an go to the hospital or drive all the way to the 24/7 Urgent Care (which involved a trip up i95). BUT, Bane was sleeping so well, his fever was under control and his breathing was normal. So, why wake a sleeping baby? Obviously he felt comfortable enough for a good restful sleep! I just stayed awake for most the night cuddled with him. So, again we arrived at Urgent Care when the doors opened, this time Robby came along. You know it’s serious when Robby comes along! He was in papa bear mode :D haha! Bane actually didn’t really seem phased by the whole ordeal… a little uncomfortable, but not like you’d think he was with this icky rash!

This time, the doctor said it was definitely a delayed penicillin allergy (serum sickness). He said that based on the continuing fever, and how the rash was now presenting, that it definitely was the allergy. But, we’ll have to go back to confirm it with a scratch test in a month or so. He immediately gave him steroid injections, PHEW! Finally it was going to get better. He said doctors try to rule out other options before treating it as a penicilin allergy, which will make life a little difficult in future.

I treated him to some new cars :) Including a red mustang like his daddy’s.
  Snuggle time with mommy
So, I thought we were DONE. NOPE.

The doctor warned us that steroids cause stomach discomfort and hallucinations in toddlers. I thought this would be minor. Well, for the first two days (and two nights) being on the steroids that we continue to give orally, Bane acted very strange and WILD. He’s normally a spirited child, but this was just different. Throughout the day and night he cried and whined. I normally would have given Tylenol in case he was having some sort of teething pain or whatnot, but figured he was on so many other meds (steroids and zantac for GI pain) that more meds would just be crazy. Robby said it seemed like he was tripping on acid by the way he was acting — odd behavior. He was flopping around like a fish at night and seemed to have bad gas pains. Although, he was passing gas, so I couldn’t really tell what was wrong. Finally after two nights of this, I took him to the urgent care at 5am, because he wasn’t sleeping anyways and I didn’t want to wait to see a doc in case the steroids were causing some GI issues. He said there was nothing wrong with him and to just give him Tylenol for some fluid buildup in his ears and the general overall pain he probably has from the virus and bacterial infections he’s had.

So, since starting the Tylenol yesterday morning and only giving it if he started to whine and cry non-stop, we’ve been doing GREAT. He slept all night in his crib (which he hasn’t wanted to do in a week) and only awoke twice and was easily calmed to sleep.

This is what it looked like two days in to the steroids, almost gone!

IMG_4201 IMG_4215Now, it’s pretty much gone! You can see some faint spots, but that’s all.

A BIG HUGE thank you to everyone that helped offer advice about the rash when I was posting late at night. It was nice to have fellow moms and friends with past rash and allergy experience to offer me nerve-calming advice!

  1. Fiona Parkes says:

    Good article, Miss Journalist!

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