booking process

  1. Event Questionnaire: filling this out will help us understand more about your wedding before speaking with you!
  2. Consultation Deposit: Once we have setup a time and date to meet, provide us with your $50 consultation & proposal deposit [on our website or via phone]. Due to the high volume of inquiries our studio has been receiving in 2012 & our customized attention and detail for our event clients, we require a custom proposal & consultation deposit of $50 [applied to the wedding if booked, non-refundable/non-transferable otherwise]. The deposit will give you our full attention to carefully coordinating and designing your wedding florals and decor items with which we will provide you with an itemized proposal. The custom proposal & consultation deposit does not hold your date, so booking immediately is highly recommended.
  3. Consultation: Bring your ideas and dreams, and we will use our expertise in floral design to create a cohesive floral decor scheme to fit with your overall design plan!
  4. Proposal
  • We will email you an itemized proposal of the elements discussed during your planning session.
  • Please allow ten business days for your proposal to arrive via email after any changes or your planning session.
  • If you provide us with changes, please allow us ten business days to review your proposal and make the necessary changes, as it is like us creating an entirely new proposal and pricing needs to be redone. Contact us if it has been longer than ten business days, as we may have an incorrect email address on file!
  • If we have insufficient information about the delivery and setup times, locations, venue specific vendor setup times, or other pertinent information about delivery and setup — we will not be able to complete the proposal and will wait until you provide us the information to complete the proposal. As soon as you have this information, contact us so we may finalize it.
  • If you would like to book prior to a proposal, follow steps 2 & 3
  • If anything about your proposal is incorrect or missing that you requested at the planning session, or if you have changed your mind about anything, contact us immediately so we may make the necessary changes.

5. Booking Agreement Booking Agreement – Anthomanic

download the agreement here!


  •  A signed copy of this form must be returned to Anthomanic in person or via postal mail [93 Onville Road, Stafford Virginia 22556]. The Proposal does not need to be signed and returned until the 45 day deadline, as it is simply a confirmation of the finalized order.
  • The agreement must be filled out in its entirety and must not be missing any page or signatures to finalize your booking, and must be accompanied by your ‘Retainer’. We will email you the Booking Agreement along with your Proposal.
  • Your flower details do not need to be finalized at this point as they can change as many times as you like until the 45 day prior finalize date.

6. Retainer

• must be paid at the time of returning your Booking Agreement to Anthomanic, otherwise your event is not yet booked. We will process your payment when this Agreement has been returned to Anthomanic with all signatures.

• Should we fill the date with a maximum volume of event orders before you provide us with your retainer and booking agreement, your event date may become booked fully and unavailable to you. The ‘Retainer’ is equal to 50% of your Minimum Expenditure Guarantee.

6. Finalized and signed copy of the Proposal/Event Flower Order & Final Payment

• due 45 calendar days prior to the event date




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