Bouquets of 2013, Why I love #3

January 4, 2014

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Emily & David, Stevenson Ridge in Spotsylvania Virginia by Katelyn James Photography

So, this week we have a contest on the blog, here, that lists some of the fabulous bridal bouquets I’ve handmade this year! To vote for Emily’s bouquet – head over there and comment to enter (also gets you a chance to win a Starbucks gift card) YUMMM.

Each and every bouquet I have ever made is awesome for it’s own reason, and I think when you see simply the bouquet on it’s own, it needs a little explanation to really add to the sentimental value! They fit not only the brides personality, likes/dislikes, overall wedding theme & colors and of course, the clients budget overall for all the pieces required for their space. So, I wanted to show you each bouquet in the context of it’s entire setting, with all the other decor elements to show you how they make so much sense and fit perfectly!

Starting with #3 (the first real wedding in the post, working in numerical order) I want to tell you why I think they are all so fabulous!

Emily & David were married in the end of June, which has a somewhat limited availability for flowers, because it is in between the late summer offerings (dahlias, etc.) and after the spring flower selection has gone (ranunculus, peonies, etc.). Many brides come to me with restrictions (what they don’t like (that may actually help with their budget or coloring), and what they do like (that’s often out of season), creating a challenge and sometimes limiting the possibilities of what we could create. The great thing here was that Emily just LOVED flowers and LOVED purple – which is perfect! I was also super excited to do their florals because I LOVE a monochromatic palette (shades and tints of one hue), the flowers really POP – helping the texture to stand out.

Emily wanted an elegant, yet garden feel to her flowers. She provided lanterns that we created a custom floral piece for the base, and she also had an awesome set of vintage shutters!

The guys wore tones of purple and lavender with grey suits and the bridesmaids wore a medium purple tone, long chiffon gowns.

Another thing that is awesome about Emily (and David of course, he was a gentleman and just wanted his love to have whatever she wanted! What a guy!), was that she was totally cool with using carnations! What?! Most brides don’t like carnations (I think the 80’s and seeing our moms bouquets has made us think that carnations only come in pink red and white), but I bet you don’t even notice any here, do you?! There were LOTS of them, in brilliant purples, fuschias and lavenders – hidden amongst the finer, or more exotic blooms that take center stage (orchids, lisianthus, roses, stock flowers)! We hid the carnations amongst the centerpieces and the pergola floral piece to give color and fill space (better bang for the buck), but used them very sparingly in the bridal bouquets. You still can’t see them, can you? ;-) Flower magic!

These two were just so adorable, his eyes just sparkled when he looked at her – so sweet! I don’t get to meet too many of the grooms (I think they just don’t care for the flower part!), but I did get to meet David and I could tell he just adored Emily!

I love when brides like to dress up the pergola, it really sets the tone for the ceremony space. I think if you’re going to decorate any part of the ceremony space, to put the budget towards the frame that you will be in for the majority of your photos. We hung burlap curtains and created a custom floral piece across the top of the pergola at Stevenson Ridge.

What do you think of a monochromatic palette?! I just loooove it!

Vendor List –  Florals: Anthomanic / Photographer: Katelyn James / Venue: Stevenson Ridge / Cake: Gateau / Richard Green Entertainment /  MUA: GoGo Gorgeous

Anthomanic is an event floral designer based in Central Virginia, creating custom floral collections

  1. Nicole Gilbride says:

    I love these flowers, and I’m not just saying that because I was in the wedding (yes that is my arm holding that beautiful bouquet above). I just remember the wedding day when we all came downstairs and saw these flowers. Everyone just gasped because they were pure magic and really captured the vision we all knew Emily and David desired. I plan to use this approach for my flower orders in the future! Pure magic!

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Dolor mixtape food truck Austin, assumenda Odd Future Carles ani Echo Park cillum.


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