Bride Series: Rebecca & Michael’s Disney Destination Wedding!

May 8, 2014

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Today I want to share Rebecca & Michael’s Disney Fairy Tale wedding with you!


I met Rebecca through my wedding photographer, Melissa Arlena, a few years ago when my business was new! I get to meet all types of brides and fun personalities, and Rebecca was no exception! Rebecca also attended my very own wedding in Disney World. After attending, I quickly talked her into having a Disney Wedding of her own! ;) Okay, I didn’t have to break her arm too much, she’s a fellow Disney vacation lover! Rebecca got married a few days before our one year anniversary, and of course I was totally game to design her florals and transport them to Florida! Good excuse for a vacation! She’s written a very helpful post for brides-to-be about her floral planning process and wedding day!! Rebecca also had a very interesting color and floral selection, including eggplant florals and black ribbons for her bouquet – a very bold choice! It went very well with her interesting colorful mixed centerpieces and Disney reception theming!


Wedding Day & Vision

“My husband Michael and I were married in Disney World on October 22, 2012. We chose to have our ceremony at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion, our reception at the Backstage Prop Shop in Hollywood Studios, and our dessert party at UK Lochside in Epcot. Our overall theme was classy Hollywood, with a fun, Disney flair. I’m one of those brides that just couldn’t make up my mind on one solid theme so I threw them all together and just prayed it would work. In the end, I feel like it did, with many thanks to Amanda for helping me pull it together through my personal floral. For our ceremony in the Wedding Pavilion, a grand space with beautiful carved woodwork details and stained glass windows, I pulled inspiration from Disney’s first feature film, Snow White. My matron of honor wore a red gown while the men wore red ties. I had red rose petals scattered around clear vases with glass pebbles and floating red rose buds across the alter table. The aisle I walked down had glass vases filled with water and a floating candle while white and ivory rose petals lined the aisle up to the alter. My husband wore a red garden rose boutonniere and the men in our bridal party wore white stephanotis. I had a beautiful bouquet of red garden roses, black magic roses and ti leaves tied off with a grand black bow. My matron of honor had a beautiful bouquet made of eggplant calla lilies, white football mums and . Finally, blue, red, and yellow streamers were released as we walked back down the aisle after our ceremony. For our reception, we used the two bouquets for decoration at our head table. Each of our guests’ tables had a different centerpiece, capturing the spirit of five Disney films: Aladdin, Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty & the Beast and the Little Mermaid.”


Overall Planning & Working With the Woman, the Legend, AMANDA!!! (Rebecca wrote it!! haha ;-)

“Given that my wedding was at Disney, I was obligated to utilize their floral planning department for everything but my personal floral. I initially planned to use them for everything, and let me tell you; it is not easy planning flowers long-distance. I met with my floral designer in person once, but all we did was look at pictures of flowers I brought with me that I had cut out of magazines or printed off Pinterest. The only thing she could provide for me in person to review was scraps of the material for table linens. I found this made my planning process quite frustrating. When I told her I dreamed of a bouquet of peonies, she simply told me that wouldn’t be possible and sent me a sad picture of a football mum as an alternative. When I asked if I could have a few garden roses for my bouquet, she said “sure” but I was going to have to buy an entire box for the low, low price (note: heavy sarcasm) of $800+. Enter: Amanda and Anthomanic to the rescue. I met Amanda a few years ago at a bridal show I had been assisting a friend at. I later had the honor of being a guest at her own Disney wedding and she would frequently check in with me to see how I was doing planning my own just a few months later. As fate would have it, her Disney vacation that year coincided with my wedding week and she offered to help with my personal floral if I would like. Umm, heck yes!! I knew within minutes of sitting down with her in her shop that she got my crazy, ADD-riddled wedding ideas 100% and I felt immediate relief and hope that my vision of a Grace Kelly-like-classy-old-Hollywood-with-strong-hints-of-Disney-ness wedding could come together. I brought in my iPad with my Pinterest boards of flowers and wedding design inspiration and not only did she pull out her decks o’ floral cards, but she googled numerous bouquets and even brought out flowers from her stock; refusing to stop until I was completely comfortable with my bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages. We met twice total but after that first meeting, I sat in my car and cried because I couldn’t believe how invested she was in making sure my dreams came true, even if it was for just a small part of the overall picture that day.


I’ll admit, the one thing I was most worried about was how fresh my personal floral would be given that she was transporting them via a 12-hour drive from Virginia to Florida. October weather in Florida is finicky and you just don’t know if it will be hot, cold, or somewhere in between. She delivered my flowers to my hotel the night before my wedding and I was floored at their beauty. My matron of honor couldn’t get over how beautiful hers was either. Amanda truly exceeded anything I could have hoped for. My wedding was on a Monday and my flowers looked like they were fresh picked that day. When I had a trash the dress session photographed two days later, my bouquet still looked as fresh as the day of the wedding.


I can honestly say that hiring Amanda to help with my personal floral allowed me to feel confident about the direction my wedding planning was going and helped to relieve stress from the overall floral planning I continued to do with Disney. When I look back at the photos and video from my day, I feel like my bouquet adds just the amount of drama I was looking for while also appearing classic and timeless.”

Tips & Helpful Advice Related to Floral Planning

“My biggest piece of advice would be to have an open discussion with your floral designer about what you want and what you honestly can afford. They can’t give it to you if they don’t know exactly what it is that you want. I knew the flowers I wanted weren’t available due to being out of season, but I still told Amanda that I desperately wanted peonies and ranunculus. I was a Spring bride trapped in a Fall wedding, she said. Haha. But with telling her that, she was able to recommend flowers that much better resembled what I wanted and at a price point I could afford. Also, think outside of the box if money is an issue. I would have loved to have had grand floral displays in candelabras at each of my guests’ tables but it wasn’t in my budget. So, I used bold fabrics for my linens and incorporated fruit, single flower stems, lanterns, and sea glass for a distinctive, yet very affordable look.”


Thank you Rebecca for your awesome, helpful post! :)


FLORAL STYLIST: Anthomanic  (Ceremony decor on altar provided by Disney Floral)

WEDDING FILM: Starfruit Productions

VENUE: Walt Disney World: Disney’s Wedding Pavilion

PHOTOGRAPHY COPYRIGHT: Disney Fine Art Photography & Video

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