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Can I be your Franck??

April 24, 2014

Hi, I'm jessica.
Hi there! Welcome to the Clover Club blog, a journal about our lives, travels, fashion, and style. Stay a while and say hello!
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 So, in my most comfortable zone, I can be very silly, passionate about environmental design, and dramatic. Once I’m inspired, I get very excited in my expression about creating wedding ceremony and reception spaces. I love themes, I’m inspired by personalities, I love various styles, I love being inspired by colors, and I just love flowers EVERYWHERE! Who doesn’t love that last part?

I have always remembered the character, Franck, from Disney’s Father of the Bride movie, and always envisioned that a wedding planner (or any wedding vendor for that matter) should be like Franck. (Clip below to get a sense of him). Even if you aren’t particularly excited about a detail of your wedding, he helps you get excited about it. He’s honest, he’s quick to make decisions, and he has passion and full attention for each of his clients. I know every client has a specific personality set that works well with other certain personalities – but I just love a planner like Franck! When I was planning my wedding (destination wedding at that), I was also in the middle of growing and running a brand new retail flower shop business (which is now just weddings), and often called my planner and her assistant stressed out, in a hurry or just generally frustrated about making certain decisions while already feeling overwhelmed by life in general. Anytime I talked to my planners, they were calm, excited, and had new ideas to throw my way. They made me feel like ‘everything’s going to be okay’, and of course, made me remember that everything would be ‘magical’. From the day of contacting Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings to the day-of, I felt like I was the only wedding they had even though they do about 3000 a year. On the day of my wedding, it felt magical. That’s more than just the vendors showing up and doing their job – that magical feeling is a combination of my emotions with the way they treat you on your wedding day – the service, the way they talk to you, the attention, the smiles. I also had this same treatment from our wedding videographer, Sage of Starfruit Productions, OF ALL PEOPLE! She treated me like a princess and shared my excitement for my wedding day! Having people that helped me realize on the day-of that it wasn’t about all the plans – it was about the excitement, the moment, the joy of being present in the moment of that day – that was the magical part. It made me realize that ‘I planned it the best I could, I need to let go and ENJOY the day. We brides get very wrapped up in the details!! We need a reminder to just let go and enjoy the reason for the day.

Now I know some of you may be thinking “No wonder you had a magical experience, you got married in Disney World!”. My point is not the review of my experience there – but to say that I was so completely inspired by working with them, that I thought ‘Every bride deserves her Franck – Disney Wedding or not’. Every bride wants to feel like a princess, like the world stops for a moment while they celebrate their marriage to the love of their life. Every bride wants to be doted upon (okay okay maybe not all want this, but I like to think so ;-) When I started to shift my perception of what a wedding vendor is to a bride, and realized they become a friend, they are a shoulder to cry on, someone to hold your hand, someone to lead the way through what seems like a confusing land of wedding plans – I realized what it means to be a wedding vendor. We aren’t in the commodities business – they don’t pick it off a shelf. We are an extension of the personality of their wedding day.

I realized after my wedding, I wanted to be more of that person – the passionate wedding vendor – for my clients. This doesn’t mean I’m pretending to be something I’m not – I am like that already. I just thought that being more like that might be a little bit much or that I’d come across as odd! But, having been on the other side of it (the bride), I realized that it’s so much fun to have someone as passionate as you are involved in helping you plan your wedding. Friends and family are great for helpful advice when planning, but it’s wonderful to have someone that does weddings very regularly to also give you advice and help you along the way — with passion!

Over time, I am slowly becoming more comfortable with expressing my passion for weddings – at first I honestly didn’t want to overwhelm my brides – as I have been described as being a little over the top sometimes ;-) But, I’m finally understanding that my brides love it when I’m just being myself.

…and yes, I say the word ‘brides’ quite a lot, but it’s mainly because I mostly meet with the brides and rarely see a groom – they are flowers after all!

….some iPhone shots of our planning session surroundings! The Wedding Pavilion is right next to the bridal salon where we did our planning! This was in May 2010, before Instagram made my iPhone images look awesome :D

Disney's Wedding Pavilion! We were there for our planning session in May 2010

a few of the display cakes at Franck’s Studio at Walt Disney World in Florida (Disney was obviously inspired by that movie as well, their bridal salon is named Francks)

  1. Kat says:

    Girl. I LOVE this!!! This is SO, SO true!!! Brides want an unforgettable & magical experience… planning their wedding is BIG deal!!! I know for me, you were totally my Franck :) xo!!!!

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