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For the longest time, I was trying to figure out a way to show my brides how excited I was to work with them. I wanted to send them a sweet little token of appreciation for choosing me as their florist. When I got married in Disney World they sent out two gifts, one was […]

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February 17, 2016

My Client Welcome Gifts

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I need to preface this with a good, solid disclaimer. This post is most certainly simply meant for informative and educational purpose, so that styled shoot plannersĀ can understand the WHY behind a florist’s lack of participation in styled shoots. This is not meant to be a planner bashing statement, but just a way to spread […]


January 29, 2016

Q&A: Why do florists say no to styled shoots?

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When I first started my business five years ago, I had been in the floral industry already for ten years. I reached out and tried to find local workshops, conferences and other events where I could learn floral design. Like ground up kind of stuff! Event design – large scale pieces and learn in a […]


November 6, 2015

Journal Entry: Teaching your competition

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(NOTE** These images are of floral designs pictured here were created solely by floristĀ Adizat of Klassy Kreations during her private coaching session with me last week!!) In order to reduce your workload (without reducing your contracts and booking) is to keep it your focus that you need to work SMARTER NOT HARDER. Last year I […]


October 12, 2015

FLORAL DESIGNERS: 3 simple ways to reduce your workload

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