Ceremony Backdrop Favorites of 2014!

December 29, 2014

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The year started off with this gorgeous piece, designed by my workshop attendees at the Wedding Floral Workshop I hosted back in April! When the year starts off with this kind of gorgeousness, it’s a good sign!! Shot by Rachel May

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2014-12-26_00482014-12-26_0046Amanda Burnette of Into It Events was styling an inspiration shoot and asked me to create some pieces for use in this amazing space at the Virginia Center for Architecture with photographer, Nikki Santerre

See the full post of the Love Letter themed shoot, here


This bad boy was for the Katelyn James Workshop Experience, in which my sister’s boyfriend proposed as she modeled in the shoot!! EEK! More hereView More:

This beautiful backdrop also incorporated velvet curtains…YUM!! Shot by Rachel May, more here2014-11-23_0005__Rachel_May_Photography_RachelMayPhotography102014101_low__Rachel_May_Photography_RachelMayPhotography102014102_low2014-11-23_00062014-12-26_0060This beautiful backdrop was located in the Sunset Room at the National Harbor! The windows were later opened for a gorgeous glowy sunlit backdrop! Sorry for the iPhone quality…2014-12-26_0059

This romantic wedding backdrop was on the humongous pergola that is located at Morais Vineyard in Bealeton, Va. Shot by Katelyn James

Burch_Pooler_Katelyn_James_Photography_TonyandBryana6708_low  Burch_Pooler_Katelyn_James_Photography_TonyandBryana6238_low

Taking a different direction, this adorable country inspired piece was located in a rustic barn in my hometown of Stafford! How adorable is this?! 2014-12-26_0058

Just a little southwest of Charlottesville, at Veritas Winery, this gorgeous all-eucalyptus pergola is just to die for!! love it!! Simple, elegant, modern.2014-12-26_0057Romantic, fun, lush – Ally & Vitaly’s wedding ceremony backdrop at Stevenson Ridge was a stunner! Shot by Melissa ArlenaMore here2014-12-26_00552014-12-26_00542014-12-26_0053

One of my all time favorites – decked out in coral and peach, Katelyn James’ little sister’s wedding at Big Spring Farm was just amazing! These doors were made by Paisley and Jade and I simply hopped up on a ladder and added these flowers – with my 9 month pregnant belly! Shot by Katelyn James – More hereView More: More: More: More: gorgeous pergola design was intended for a garden setting, but rain didn’t allow it – although it still looks fabulous under this sperry tent! Image by Ken Pak2014-12-26_0049This beauty was a fun mix of vintage-rustic with glamour. Jewels and pearls with burlap and lace. Soft, lush flowers helped give to the glamour look! So pretty! Shot by Rachel May at Stevenson Ridge. More here!!


This design is an all time favorite because of the way it was constructed – it’s created to surround them as they stand (or sit!) inside the structure, and all the flowers are hanging upside down, as opposed to the standard – forward facing blooms. I used flowers that you would view from the side, like stock or larkspur and obviously tons and tons of hydrangeas! They created this soft, lush, magical setting! Image by Katelyn James from the Workshop Experience in November. Her boyfriend even proposed at the shoot! See more, here!

View More: pergola is the largest one I’ve designed on that wasn’t part of a larger walkway type of structure – it was 12′ wide x 10′ tall — just massive! The bride didn’t care for hydrangea, so I tried to limit it as best as possible, while also using some to create volume. This was set in the woods at Stevenson Ridge for the daughter/co-owner’s very own wedding! Image by Aaron Spicer2014-12-26_00432014-12-26_0042

What’s your favorite!? :)

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Dolor mixtape food truck Austin, assumenda Odd Future Carles ani Echo Park cillum.


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