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Family Mini-Vacay to Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort

September 24, 2015

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View from the pier at the center of the resort into the marsh

It’s the middle of fall wedding season — and we hadn’t taken a vacation ALL year! A few day trips here and there, but that’s it! We haven’t had a legit family vacation the three of us since having Bane! We usually go to Disney World in Florida every October to celebrate out anniversary, but the last time we did that was when we found out we were pregnant! That story, here! … it takes our love of Disney to a whole new level! We got engaged there, had our wedding there AND found out we were pregnant while there for our anniversary! CRAZY! I digress… So, we’ve been itching for another trip since our last one in October 2014! We don’t want to return to Disney World until Bane can communicate with us, so with my crazy fall wedding schedule, the only time we could do ANYTHING was for 5 days last week. I searched around for other places (dare I consider a non-Disney location!), and we ended up settling on Disney’s Beach Resort in Hilton Head, SC. It would also give us the ability to 1. do a beach 2. visit Robby’s family for a day on the way back and 3. be closer than Disney World. Of course with the bonus of Disney service, theming and just general Disney magic-awesomeness. The only bummer about booking this is that they don’t do discounts (rarely, if ever) for the beach resorts, and I’m used to snagging a 25-40% off promo… so my frugal self was a little bummed about that! Some people think the Disney Resort obsession thing is all ME, but Robby is a Disney snob too, he just blames it on me! ;)

Overall review of the resort: We enjoyed it — it’s great if you’re looking to take things slow, relax and do absolutely nothing. We had gloomy, rainy weather the whole time, except for the exception of a misty evening with that fabulous rainbow you see above! We were only there for 3 nights, so we didn’t really get to fully settle in and relax before leaving, but it sure was lovely! Something else amazing happened, and this is a testament to Disney’s service… We had some cleanliness issues with the room (oversights, really) and when I called to politely notify the front desk, I was treated a little less than Disney-Level Magic. I ended up running into a Disney Resort Operations Manager and she gave us a free two night stay to make up for it! How amazing are they!? Honestly, we might not return (so I might not get to use that free stay unless someone wants to wear a wig and pretend they’re me ;) ), simply because we are WDW lovers and will want characters for Bane in future. Plus the restaurant options outside of the Disney resort that were in walking distance (for an evening stroll with baby napping) were not family friendly. But, if you love Disney service, like to take it slow and want to visit the beach, this is a lovely resort! Ask for a marsh view — we got the two bedroom villa and it was HUGE… 1400 sq ft huge! Also had a jacuzzi, washer and dryer and FULL kitchen that’s stocked with cookware & serveware! We stopped at the Kroger and got the basics to make breakfast and lunch there!
This was the balcony from our ROOM (villa)! It was HUGE! Cute rocking chairs and a table to eat — two doors, one connected to the kitchen, the other to the master. You could actually sleep TEN people in here! The bed in the master bedroom was the MOST comfortable and most amazing bed I have ever slept in! High fives Disney! Can you tell me where to buy it?! I did look at the label,… that’s how much I wanted one of them! All I could find was it was a Beautyrest :/ The search will continue!

2015-09-24_0007Robby’s Granny & Pappy Veronee’s House!
2015-09-24_0006Then we stopped in Moncks Corner, SC at Robby’s Granny & Pappy’s house so they could see Bane – he’s their first born great grandson! :) We got to visit with his dad and step mom (who I LOVE and wish we lived closer to – such a cool MIL) Bane and Robby were playing with the baby lawnmower that Robby and his cousins played with when THEY were toddlers! How fun!

2015-09-24_0003The lake was a little low!! Like 5 foot low! It’s a HUGE lake for the power plant — Santee Cooper, and the sunset is just AMAZING over the water.  It’s such a huge lake that the sun sets over it and WOW!

We ate boiled peanuts, they talked about Clemson and Carolina, and we ran around in the yard! We stayed in a little cottage above the garage of their neighbor’s lake house. It was so cute and nice to just HANG out!


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Dolor mixtape food truck Austin, assumenda Odd Future Carles ani Echo Park cillum.


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