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important news for our retail customers!

Over the past two years, Anthomanic’s wedding and event business has grown wildly! So much so, that the business has become a favorite in the area for custom florals for events; landing some pretty awesome recognition on a national level for the unique event floral design work I create [which you may have noticed if you follow our Facebook Page!].

Due to this overwhelming & unexpected success, I have decided to specialize the services of Anthomanic; to follow my passion for custom event floral design with the best in customer attention. It is with mixed emotion for my retail clients and much enthusiasm for the continued growth of my event work, that I transform the shop from a retail storefront to a specialized event florals studio, focusing on event design work. You have all been so wonderful to the shop, and I have been truly blessed to to be able to develop a relationship with all [or many] of you; your word of mouth advertising has done so much for the shop, I do not know how to thank you!

This change is a step towards my long term goal & dream as operating a complete event decor design business. Although I love the daily operation of the retail shop, my true passion is rooted in my interior design & architecture background — of custom event floral and decor design with a high level of client attention.

After Mother’s Day, on May 14th, our retail store at 93 Onville Road will become our floral design studio and event design showroom; accessible by appointment. Due to the nature of our event sales ordering process, we will require a minimum order of $300; ‘everyday’ orders will no longer be a possibility considering the wholesale ordering process, yet we may take orders during large flower holidays such as Valentine’s Day & Christmas — as well as offering design classes & other fun events where we can see our retail clients again! So, please don’t lose touch with us — follow our shop happenings through our website!

Jump on over to our newly refurbished website to read more about my business transition or to keep in touch! :)

www.anthomanic.com, or follow Anthomanic’s happenings on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter pages!

Again, it is with mixed emotions, and I hope you are as excited as I am about specializing the business. If you have any questions about the transformation, please call or stop by; if you would like to schedule a time to talk with me, please do so!

Thank you so much,

Amanda Apple-Veronee

Owner, Anthomanic


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