Music Monday: Everyone by Everlast 

February 23, 2016

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I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. I LOVE Everlast, if you can’t tell by now! My interpretation of this song is that it’s how life is imperfect, and that it reminds me not to put pressure on myself to BE perfect. It also reminds me of the Biblical notion of not worshipping idols. Because, at the end of the day, we’re all the same. We all wake up, work, pay bills and struggle in some way or another. Nobody is perfect…nobody! That we are all HUMAN. It also reminds me of something Robby says whenever he’s dealing with someone with a pretentious or ‘better than you’ attitude from someone, and it’s “you put your pants on the same way every morning that I do”. Robby is my wise, deep thinking INFJ… I just love him!

If you were waiting for a Music Monday post yesterday, I apologize! To read about my hot mess of a life, Bane had an allergic reaction last week so I’m  behind on everyttthiiinnngg and that post is here. I hate to give excuses, but if I had one, that’s it!

A snippet of the lyrics

“Don’t you know everyone cheats, everyone lies

Everyone suffers and everyone cries

Old people laugh, young people try

Lovers, they know when they look in your eyes

Everyone cheats, everyone lies

Everyone hustles and everyone strives

Bad people win, good people die

Lovers, they know when they look in your eyes”

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