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June 5, 2015

Hi, I'm jessica.
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Being a mom and balancing a business can be hard — especially when most of the year, it’s not part of either necessity or budget to hire a full time-year round nanny! Whenever I don’t have a wedding that I must be physically working on (cutting flowers, designing, making an unsafe space for baby, etc.), or an appointment with a bride, I have Bane with me in my office while I do my office-y, serious biz tasks. I feel like that’s not something most people want to share because it seems unprofessional or ‘messy’ in some way. But, that’s life, and if I had to pay for a nanny all year long while I work on my computer, I wouldn’t be able to pay myself a regular salary and have the smaller business that I want! Remember, I owned a full on retail flower shop, and I hated it! I’ve created the business structure I want — it’s still nice and small, but I also have flexibility and freedom in my schedule throughout the year! :) My sweet workshop attendee mentioned to me today that she would read anything related to my process or ‘day in the life’ of Amanda Veronee — welp, here it is, Michelle ;) I think this is not only super helpful to mom’s that work from home, but hopefully will be inspiration to anyone else either considering working with an infant or those that have a baby on the way, wondering if it’s even possible!!

1. Wake up – get Bane out of his crib and put him in his play area and get him changed and fed! Make a coffee so I can join humanity!

2. Balance Account: Look at all my email notifications on my phone, including my business bank account balance. That’s just how I roll — I like to keep myself in check everyday in case I went a little to happy on decor shopping! Plus I also like to forget to write things in my check register, so phone notifications keep me on top of it to the minute! Weird, I know!

3. E-mails: Open my email and respond as fast as possible to all! — I also leave emails in my inbox until I’ve completed or responded to them! I set a goal of 2 minutes per each email!

4. Coffee

5. Plan out my day (I usually do this at the end of the previous day too so I’m ready in case I need to run errands early) – My mom always told me her general rule of thumb to not feel overwhelmed is to start with the things that create income. I know that’s very ‘money’ driven, but if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed with your small business, hey, it’s just a good place to start and get that out of the way so that later on you aren’t sitting around BROKE! Don’t get me wrong, I am very service/client driven, but this is just a tactic if you’re trying to clear your head of the ‘work’ stuff, then to get on to doing your artistic passionate part of your business! … It’s just good housekeeping!

6. Start moving down my to do list for the day! If it’s the week of a wedding, I meet downstairs with my design assistant(s) to crank out the wedding(s) for the week! We start at 10am and go until 5 Tuesday to Friday for a Saturday wedding. Usually Tuesday is flower delivery day and prep of all containers and stripping or opening flowers and gathering all supplies. We also write out all the recipes and pieces onto the dry erase board in large writing to be able to read all over the room. I’ve always done this, and it’s SO helpful. I have a very detailed order form that is the bible of their wedding, so instead of having tiny writing on a piece of paper that would get wet every time we looked at it, we just have a shortlist on the board and reference each piece at the start.

If it’s NOT the week of a wedding, I start doing any paperwork needed — sending out final orders to a client for signature – sending a wholesale order to the supplier – writing recipes for a client (which if you are struggling with, a miracle is coming your way that I’ve got a copyright for now ;) more on that late this summer!!)

7. Check emails again / orders If anything was missing from the orders or needs to be replaced, I make sure to do that before the day is over!

The weird thing about being a wedding floral designer is that some weeks are different than others! I am a full time designer – yes I work at home, but I do ~30 weddings per year, 2+ workshops a year, and it keeps me busy, but I also can be home with my son — which is just the dream situation for me! Usually during the late fall to early spring, time is spent doing behind-the-scenes things — orders, client meetings, website refresh/social media, brochure design, pricing structuring, making plans to take over the world, etc. But, then April – November is spent with all that stuff sorta sprinkled in + wedding designs + final orders + sourcing products + client meetings + trying to generally appear awesome and relevant by writing a blog post at some point … which can be very hard to keep up with, especially if you have something that absorbs any spare time you have/had! I used to stay up until like 2-3 editing brochures, etc. but I just can’t anymore … so, efficiency and productivity have been something I have been forced to be good with! If you have some sort of general idea of how your day should be, or how you work best, make that your workflow! I am most productive when I follow the general day layout I listed above! I hope this helps!

Have a question or curious about something else? I’d love to know — and I’ll blog it! Comment below :)


  1. Sherry Randolph Swift says:

    Where and how do your design ideas start?

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Dolor mixtape food truck Austin, assumenda Odd Future Carles ani Echo Park cillum.


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