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May 17, 2014

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(read below for a giveaway for whoever guesses the first name!)

Naming a baby is such a difficult thing to do! I really thought it would be much easier than it ended up. So many things to consider: Family names, origin of a name, shortened versions, how it flows with the entire name, how will people make fun of the name, etc.! But, really, you can nitpick any name (in my opinion!). For us, it came down to the meaning and the sound of the name. Anyone that’s ever named their child knows, it just ‘sinks in’ when you find the right name. It just feels right – like all along you were meant to find that name! (super cheesy?!) There are so many great names, but there’s the one that just FITS.

I had a book of 150,000 + 1 names, and couldn’t come up with anything that sounded just right for our little boy. Sure, picking a girl name was a breeze, but of course we aren’t having a girl, so we were on the hunt for a good, solid name! Any name we found either just didn’t ‘click’ for us, or the meaning was odd, ‘grassy knoll for example’, or the shortened version was not as beautiful as the original. I liked names like ‘Alexander’ or ‘Achilles’ (yes, there was a history theme happening), but I didn’t like the shortened versions. I love the long, originally intended version that the parents chose. Like my little sister’s name – Samantha – but people call her ‘Sam’ or ‘Sammy’. Which is cute – but the full name is so beautiful and taken away when it’s shortened! But, that’s just my naming logic!

One day, I came across a first name that just ‘clicked’. I was watching a movie and when I heard it, thought, ‘wow, that’s a very unique and strong name!’ (because we all hope our sons will grow up to be strong, courageous men! ;) When picking a name, it’s strange, because we don’t yet have the actual person in front of us to look at and say ‘Yup, looks like a George’. So, I feel when naming the baby, we were simply basing it on the definition, somewhat on the origin, and thinking about all the ways people can shorten or make fun of the name. Think about the names your friends or family have – when you hear that name alone, maybe the name isn’t your favorite. But, when it has a sentimental attachment to a certain being, you love it (or hate it!).

I’ve only told a handful of people (family, really) what the baby name is. But, honestly, it’s because it is a very uncommon name. The only time I’ve ever heard it was in that movie and as a word. When I’ve googled it, people either hate it (insulting the person choosing the name) or love it. So, I’ve been hesitant to tell anyone for fear they will make unfiltered negative comments, leading me to second guess the decision! But, now that Robby and I have been calling him by his name for so long now, it’s settled and no second guessing here! I will say, he does have a ‘common’ middle name — helps to balance out the unusual first name! I know some people might be thinking “Why would you choose an unusual name if you fear it will be made fun of?!” Honestly, any name can be butchered. My name was teased by the kids growing up “She’s A-MAN-DUHHHH”. In 15 years, kids his age won’t know that movie (maybe their parents will), and that ‘word’ I’m referring to is a word that my generation doesn’t use as much as, say, my moms. So, I’m ready to do the BIG REVEAL so I can go crazy with my hashtag on Instagram, and refer to him by name on the blog ;) Come back on Tuesday to decide if you love it or hate it! …and hopefully you’ll love it as much as we do! ;-)

GIVEAWAY: For anyone that guesses the correct first name in the comments below, will win a $10 Starbucks Gift Card! HINT: The picture above has a part of his name sign photographed, and the name is used for a villian in a popular movie. (If more than one person guess correctly, I’ll just do a drawing!) I know who knows his name, so please no cheating or spoiling the surprise for others ;-)

  1. I can’t wait till Tuesday, I want to know now ;) lol!!!

  2. I think his name is Bane, based on your hints! If so, I love it!

  3. Felicia A Arbujo says:

    I think the name is Bane!!

  4. ashley says:

    BORAT! haha. just kidding. i’m thinking Bane from The Dark Knight Rises which would be freakin’ awesome!!!! that’s the most bada** name a kid could have! haha.

  5. Elyse says:


  6. Wendy says:

    I agree with these girls. I believe it’s Bane :)

  7. I know it’s …. Baby ;). Haha j/k I think Bane too which is awesome!

  8. Carrie Wiley says:

    I agree! I think it’s Bane. I love names that aren’t common. Can’t wait for the reveal. I absolutely love your pregnancy pictures. You look gorg!

  9. Elizabeth purvis says:

    Bane!!! Looooove it!!!

  10. Rachel May says:

    Love this SO much!! I’m thinking his name is Barney. ;) lol

  11. Rebecca says:

    I agree with the others. My guess is Bane, which is an awesome name!

  12. Heather Walter says:

    I also think its Bane…so excited to find out!!! :)

  13. Kat says:

    BANE!!!! Matt talks like him ALL the time to make me laugh hahah :)

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