Ceremony Floral Backdrops

  1. Katie says:

    Yes! Love this! Always encourage my clients (when I can) to invest in decor elements that make a big impact…and ceremony backdrops are one of them! I would say though if they’re spending a ton on the ceremony backdrop, make sure you hold the ceremony where the light is good because if the light is harsh mid/day lighting right on the backdrop, the photographer will probably move them somewhere else for family formals and bridal party since light supersedes location…

  2. Anna Burke says:

    So true!!! Love this, especially Emily & Joe’s :) It was such a high impact piece that people are STILL talking about almost 2 months later (and I’m sure will continue to do so)!!! GORGEOUS work :)

  3. Amanda says:

    First off of course I noticed all the beautiful arrangements and must say – these images will definitely be impacting my floral decisions this fall!! Second, I’m assuming Stevenson Ridge is a popular VA wedding location…? hahahaha Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Danielle Foxe says:

    Stevenson Ridge is the best venue ;) (also biased)

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