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February 11, 2015

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It’s finally coming together!! I’ve been hesitant to share pics, because there hasn’t been anything to show — until now! Of course, it’s a little messy, and still ‘under construction’ and still somewhat just a vision at this point. But, I have at least something to be able to share with you. I hope you can visualize it like I am! Last weekend we installed the cooler, setup all my counters and started getting things more organized and placed – and everything is painted for the most part (except all the cutting in, I skipped that part because that’s how I roll…terrible, I know!

So, first I’ll start with some inspirations from my Pinterest board… think ‘greige’, ivory, a hint of blush – soft, lush, rich textiles – whitewashed wood, driftwood. Uh — YUMMM!!!

Screen shot 2015-02-11 at 10.19.29 AM2015-02-11_0001

How GORGEOUS is this wood floor we just installed?! … and of course I can’t wait to serve champs with this adorable napkin from my friend and wedding planner, Caroline (of Posh PR, napkins from her fabulous Etsy shop!)2015-02-11_0002

So, first I should start with WHY. I was in my last studio for exactly five years under the name Anthomanic (before re-branding to my name last year!). It was a wonderful place – my landlords were my childhood friend’s parents, and I loved being there. They owned a shop next door, and if I ever ran out of Advil, or needed something super heavy lifted, there was a shop full of helpful guys next door! I started my business back in 2010 as a retail flower shop. It was the typical retail place – candies, chocolates, teddy bears, candles, balloons, you-name-it. It was adorable and fun and cute, but my business model changed in 2012. I realized my wedding end of the business was not only my favorite part – my original passion for starting the floral business – but also the best from a financial perspective. So, I began doing only weddings at that point and became a ‘by appointment only’ studio, where we do on average 35 weddings per year now.

Ever since changing the business, I’ve realized I really don’t need a commercial type of space since we aren’t retail! Last summer, I had a bride to my home – my lakefront oasis that is so relaxing to me! We sat on the patio, and I thought to myself ‘why am I not having my brides (that really become my friends) over to my home to enjoy a glass of champagne while planning florals in a gorgeous setting!’ The past studio was in a more city area (ok ok, it’s just Stafford, but still — no lake view!!). For years, my mom has said to me I should totally build a studio on my property — and you know what, she was right!

Every off-season gives me a good time to reflect and think about the future of my business. So, in December it just clicked. I looked around for walk-in cooler pricing (the largest ticket item in a new floral space) to see how soon I could make the dream a reality. I ended up finding on Craigslist what would normally be a $15k purchase for the cooler size I wanted for the new place (a 10’x12′), for only $2k!! It was as if God said ‘go for it!’. Do you ever have those moments where your dreams or plans just fall into your lap?! Well, this is it! If I was going to do it, I needed to do it during off season, so it was now or at the end of the year… and when I get an idea in my head, I need to do it yesterday!

Last week, Robby and my father-in-law installed my huge new cooler!! YAY! This is taken from INSIDE the cooler — soooo big!!


I plan to host a big reveal party in the summer, once everything is in place and polished. Of course, the major must-do’s will be complete by the first week of March for the start of wedding season. But, things like the adorable bar I want built to serve cocktails and champs — that is a later project ;)

This adorable basket I got from Target is the inspiration for my color theme!


A little peek (an Instagram pic from last summer/early fall) at the entrance to my beautiful property — all thanks to my husband who loves to do the landscaping. I wish I had a better pic, but let’s be honest, winter isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing of times to photograph foliage – so I’m waiting on spring to share some more photos!


This is a big dream of mine, and it’s coming true!! What dreams are you chasing this year? I’d love to hear from fellow go-getters and big crazy-dreamers! My husband often says ‘what crazy idea have you gotten me in to this time?!’ ;)

  1. Lacoya H. says:

    AHHHH! I can’t WAIT for this! So amazing. SO amazing, friend! XOXO

  2. Ally Skeer says:

    Amanda – this is AMAZING! I’m so excited for you, and that cooler is huge – what a steal! I can’t wait to see it!

  3. Kat says:

    AMANDA!! I am so excited for you!!!!! I want to come over SOON!!!! This is AMAZING!!!!! Can’t wait for the full reveal!:)

  4. Linda says:

    What a lovely view you have. You’re lucky your husband does nice landscaping. Good luck with your new place for your clients.

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