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April 17, 2014

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Last week, I hosted the very first wedding workshop for Anthomanic! I’ve been wanting to host some sort of workshop for the longest time, but just couldn’t find the time to organize one! Kat of Dear Sweetheart Events, a past bride and wedding planner had emailed me a few times asking about coaching/workshops. Honestly, I have always been one of those type people that just does it and doesn’t really understand why it ends up the way it ends up. So, when she was asking me to offer some sort of workshop, it was hard to wrap my brain around how to slow down my process and actually figure out how to explain it to someone that has never done it before. I learned from various florist types, and after twelve years of designing, it has become second nature – I just do it. Yes, I do teach my assistants how to recreate centerpieces based on a sample or how to make certain pieces, but they didn’t have to crunch it all into one day of learning! So, coming up with the workshop and the lessons was a bit of a challenge to me to make sure to explain things properly and to demonstrate creating something in a way that viewers can understand and add to their bag-o-tricks.

demonstrating a chair garland – at Stevenson Ridge
The gorgeous finale styled shoot! Thank you to my sweet new friend, Cody, of Amore Events by Cody for styling that gorgeous table (she has such an amazing inventory!). Upholstered chairs and table from the always fabulous Paisley & Jade
my beautiful little baby sister, Samantha, modeled for the shoot – how gorgeous is she?! …okay I’m biased…
I demonstrating how to piece together a floral crown and a bridal bouquet!
From left to right: Kraig of Formal Envy (for that fabulous gown!), Courtney of Dogwood Events, Kat of Dear Sweetheart Events, Me (the huge, pregnant one!), Keitha of Zahara’s Events, Michelle of Occasions by M&K, and the model Samantha!

The main reason for my urge to host the workshop is because I know how hard it is to find mentors or teaching in the floral community. I have tried reaching out to other designers, but it was as if floral design was a closely guarded secret and if they gave away their tricks then anyone can do it. Well, there’s a lot more artistic flair to it than that. Each designer is different. We may all essentially use the same methods and mechanics, but our crafts and personality bring those designs to life! I was mostly self taught, and learned things here and there from designers, but really had to keep my ears and eyes open anytime I was around another floral designer in order to soak in everything I could! I was never taught how to create a large scale pergola design — how did you got those flowers to stay on the pergola? how do you keep the flowers hydrated? It looks so impossible! What are the mechanics behind creating those pieces?!

how fabulous is this indoor pergola?! My dad made it for the workshop when we realized the forecast was 100% chance of rain!!

Floral design is a combination of artistry and mechanics. The mechanics can help you create just about anything with flowers, and the artistry is bringing that vision to life with basic design concepts like color, texture, line, symmetry, contrast, etc.! During the workshop, we covered mechanics and behind-the-scenes things like pricing, wholesalers, design process, and prepping flowers, then played with loads of flowers! The second day was a bit more relaxed, we (when I say we, I mean, the workshop attendees – with a little bit of my guidance) prepped and setup a pergola design and ceremony space, complete with a styled shoot as the grand finale — to see all that behind the scenes work come to life! This was the first large scale design that any of these ladies had done… don’t you think they rocked that pergola?!?! Large scale design doesn’t have to be intimidating — and I think I helped them realize that! ;)

To join the next workshop (being held in late August or September), signup for our newsletter to be the first to know! We will only have four spots available when the date is released!! Email me to signup!

A HUGE thank you to these vendors for creating the styled shoot!:

Photography: Rachel May

Florals: Anthomanic Workshop Attendees

Pergola & Draping: Anthomanic

Cake: Fat Girl Cakes

Makeup Artist/Hair: GoGo Gorgeous

Gown: Formal Envy

Venue: Stevenson Ridge

Upholstered Chairs/Tables: Paisley & Jade

Tablescape Design & Rentals: Amore Events by Cody

Crossback Chairs: M&K Events

Calligraphy: If So INKlined

Model: Samantha Apple

  1. Lelia Marie says:

    It looks like it was so much fun! And so beautiful!

  2. Kat says:

    YAY!! This makes me even MORE excited to see all the images from Rachel!!!!

  3. ashley says:

    this is so awesome! you’re definitely sticking out in your industry! i wish i could make pretty floral designs! you rock! :)

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